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[See how you measure up]
Chapter 3 - Faith
1)AST_XER7,951,960263c / 79s
2)lpm7,934,430 264c / 80s
3)AST-XER7,909,580261c / 80s
4)CVM7,423,200246c / 75s / 13th Dec 2004
5)Jason7,262,070240c / 72s
6)emil7,105,580234c, 75s
7)cinndave7,006,490231c / 75s / Jan 28, 2006
8)VMethos6,819,730225c / 72s
9)SE6,711,540221c / 69s
10)smitty6,692,890226c 68s retarded death on boss
11)DaveB6,636,470219c / 66s / 19th April 2005 / Horrible boss
12)odjin6,434,710161 chains / 69 sec.....1 death at boss
13)TGS6,430,080209c 72s Good score implies crappy boss.
15)PLASMO6,347,240210c 61s
16)mamahaha6,142,660199c / 70s
17)qunchuan6,140,480130+chains/72sec 2-buttoning. Chain broke once
20)CCC-Shiner6,001,140192c, 73s. I still stink at the bonus shrimps, I do a slow Shigi.
21)Jugem5,918,070193c / 71s / Nov. 25, 2004
22)Sente5,873,160194 chains and a poor boss time. I miss a ton of chains on the bonus enemies
23)CJBB5,678,990157ch 68s
24)Dr Ian5,539,230Aim for the S++!
25)eerat5,526,220178c, broke on shigi, then got about 10 more chains. 60s
26)UNO5,447,440174c / 67s
27)masterpaul5,175,040172c / 53s hinata im your bf
28)CALFoolio5,153,820157c/66s multiple deaths rofl
30)Galdur5,043,060162c / 78s
31)jdelible5,015,420164 chain
32)ikarugafan5,014,580144ch 68secs
33)edd5,011,940131 chains ? seconds
34)crithit5k4,745,480158c Boss-time unknown 12/15/06
35)deques4,425,760110ch, 57s
37)beLIEve4,208,68004/20/04 chain: 131
38)naclj4,104,700was never very good at this stage
39)Random3,536,920too hard, i will train it later
40)Adan3,416,81094c, approx. 48s, getting slightly better at 3-2
41)DrAetzn3,322,750103 chain, boss 52, rank b++, dc
43)zugzwang3,156,810Only 46c / ?s - 1/5/05. Just have to put in a whole run
44)Ian-Keith2,649,160LOL, 60c 43s, five deaths
45)vpr2,320,220More practice needed....
47)Shuichi1,249,900Not bad...
48)guts1,039,40031c, not so bad after all
49)falcon!!!950,29027 chains. I didn't beat the boss but I did beat Shigi!!!
50)XtraZero894,000I love ch3 :D
51)RichardJH644,890Details Unknown
52)Draconian630,320Wow! A 24 chain!
53)iksetsrm4,020Yes!!! I made it to Chapter 3 on one credit! Go me!