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[Ikaruga related web links]
Here are some Ikaruga and shmup related web links. If you have a link you feel should be included here, let me know.

Ikaruga LinksOther
  • SuperPlay!
    A super play site featuring the best video game replays available anywhere.

Shmup Links
    Another shmup video site. This one uses bittorrent to distribute videos. They also have many arcadia magazine scans of shmup related stuff. Nice site!

  • Gradius Website
    This is a Gradius website which is in its infancy but is a source for some great videos and other information.

  • Radiant Silvergun Videos
    Here you can find Ben.Shinobi's Radiant Silvergun superplay videos.

    A fantastic website dedicated to shoot-em-up games.

  • Forums
    A great forum for shmup fans.

  • Treasure Fanpage
    MrMonkeyMan's treasure fan page.

  • Treasure Homepage
    This is the homepage of Treasure, the developer of Ikaruga.

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