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[The latest happenings]
Firstly, welcome to We hope this website will become the most valuable Ikaruga related resource on the web. Sections of the website are currently being written, so please bear with us. When sections are completed you will be informed via this news page.

This website is linked to the #ikaruga chatroom on For details on how to join the chatroom click here.

30th May 2018
Ikaruga has been released on the Nintendo Switch! Find out more information here.

9th August 2015
An amazing Ikaruga run by TASBot, great commentary ShinerCCC! You can find it here

12th August 2009
I cant believe it, but there is some news. There is a new amazing wallpaper added which has been created by Florian Zenz. You can find it here.

2nd July 2007
Some new news! There has been a fantastic new wallpaper added created by Dennis Tonsen. You can find it here.

5th July 2006
The first bit of news in ages! GCDiaz has created a replacement cover for those of you with the US version who are fed up with the "frothing demand" quote. You can find it here

31st January 2006
A new video has been added! An amazing ch2 arcade normal run can be found by KTR here. He somehow managed to fully chain 12 bonus rows in arcade mode!

6th January 2006
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our visitors.

I am sorry for the lack of updates for the site recently but we have been very busy with SuperPlay!. We do have plans to add content to this site, specifically the translation of the Appreciate DVD by TWE and a summary of the Ikaruga related goods available. Please bear with us and in the meantime visit SuperPlay! :)

16th December 2005
New wallpaper added! To see it please have a look at our wallpaper section.

3rd December 2005
Sorry for the lack of updates things have been very busy with the SuperPlay! site. I have now added a new wallpaper here. Also for some stunning ch2 revelations check out this thread.

31st October 2005
Our discussion forum has moved over to Please do not be alarmed :). All members have had their login details transferred so if you were a member of the old forum your login details are the same.

Also all Ikaruga videos are back up again and are hosted at SuperPlay!

23rd October 2005
Unfortunately all videos have had to be taken down again this month due to high bandwidth use.

All videos will be back up again at the start of next month.

15th October 2005
All VTF videos have been taken down for the month in order to preserve bandwidth for the rest of the videos. We have had a lot of forums linking to these videos using up lots of the bandwidth. Apologies for this measure, they will be back up from the start of next month.

12th October 2005
A new arcade normal ch3 video by lpm. A massive 256 chains are scored. It is well worth checking out here.

1st October 2005
Files are all back up again now. Thank you for your patience.

27th September 2005
I am afraid all videos have been taken down until the end of the month due to high traffic. Please be patient and all videos will be available again from the start of October